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    We specialise in high quality automotive lifts and other various performance products. Feel free to take a look at our products page to see our current range or download our new product catalogue.
    HAPP Product Catalogue, all about HAPP, our hoist, tyre, wheel, workshop product, hoist selection and customer feedback in one easy to read booklet.

    Check out our face book site to see some of our help for car enthusiast friends. We just love cars :-) .

    We have now released our new HAPP95 hoist a big brother to the HAPP 90 which is already known as a unique car enthusiast hoist. No floor plate (clear floor) no over head beam, full ratchet safety and a huge lift height of 1750mm with just 2.4m columns.  Already a big hit in America we have added the HAPP Australia design improvements to make it even better. Check it out at HAPP 95 Product Page


    HAPP are proud to be supplying our business customers with hoists certified to Australian and New Zealand Standards. These business approved hoists are available in  4 Post and 2 Post clear floor / floor plate models. The HAPP 25, 27, 40 and 70 have been structurally analysed and verified by Australian professional engineers then registered  with Workplace Health & Safety (not just a drawing registered). We have spent $000′s per hoist to have structural and analytical testing on our hoists designs and parts, designs made for the above models have been used in our home user hoists as well. You can buy any of our hoists knowing that they have our professional Australian design behind them.

    We recognise that installation is an important aspect for hoist users. We can connect you with installer companies and options servicing areas right across Australia. 

    We keep our prices down by reducing un-necessary overheads focusing on quality and service. In the rare occurrence of warranty problems, we offer a no fuss parts replacement warranty on our products (12 months for lifts) where we provide replacement parts under warranty, the customer arranges part replacement. Some customers engage lift installers who install lifts and provide year long service agreements.

    HAPP is a collaborative company devoted to supplying auto enthusiasts and businesses with quality components at the best possible  price with personal service.