About HAPP

HAPP Australia Pty Ltd is a well established provider of high quality automotive lifts to Australia and New Zealand customers.

We have evolved from supplying to automotive club members to fully Quality Assured reviews of hoists by Australian registered engineers and certification with Australian Standards and Workplace Health and Safety allowing business customers to use HAPP products with confidence:
HAPP business hoists (25,27,40,70 imported in our August 2013 shipment onwards ) are proudly certified to:

  • AS/NZS 1170.1, 1418.1, 1418.9, 2550.9
  • AS 3990, 4100

These hoists can be registered with WH&S by purchasing the HAPP WH&S registration kit.
Home users can access the high level of quality and design applied for business for home use as well, the high standards adopted for business are applied to all products.

We keep our prices down by reducing un-necessary overheads focusing on quality. In the rare occurrence of warranty problems, we offer a no fuss parts replacement warranty on our products (12 months for lifts) where we provide replacement parts under warranty, the customer arranges part replacement. Some customers engage lift installers who install lifts and provide year long service agreements.

HAPP also specialises in other performance products such as specialised car ramps for low ground clearance cars, workshop accessories for oil drainage and engine components including aluminium fuel and oil fittings. Take a look at our current selection of hoist products by viewing our products page.

Other products can be sourced if required, if you have a need let us know by dropping us a message through our contact us page.