The new models HAPP 30P and HAPP 35P provide our HAPP customers with new options for their workshop. These lifts have been in development for years, with continued testing with professional engineers to ensure the products achieve more flexible functionality yet still pass Australian Standards.

HAPP 30P in an early adopters workshop. The customer is providing us with pics and any ideas on the new product; it’s going well so far. Click here to see close up.

These products are comparable in size to our HAPP 30 and HAPP 35 products, if you have been looking at these products or if you have friends with the HAPP 30 or HAPP 35, the difference in dimensions remain almost unchanged.
The happ 30 and 30P both have 2.84m high columns and are wider than the happ 35 and happ 35P. They are for wider vehicles. The happ 35 and happ 35P both have the low 2.72m high columns for lower spaces and are approximately 150mm narrower than the HAPP 30 and HAPP 30P.

So whats new in these two models?
First of all the HAPP 30P has a 1.9m lifting height, so if you are tall (over 6 foot) then this will be of advantage.
The HAPP 35P has a 1.8m lifting height the same as HAPP 30 and HAPP 35.

The biggest difference is the arms, our new Gen2 arms. These arms allow a wider variety of vehicles to be lifted with our hoists and make it easier to balance the vehicle from front to rear on the lift. To do this we have a front arm that has much shorter distance than our current short arms and a long arm that is able to extend to be much longer than our current longer arms. All of this extra flexibility, with arms that still fully pass Australian standards tests.

Gen 2 arms comparison

Arms extended comparison
arms extended
Arms retracted comparison
arms extended

Both the HAPP 30P and 35P have limit switches as standard, enabling you to avoid extra pressure on the seals (this has never been an issue, we just did this as a default)

Full SPECS on both hoists can be found by clicking on the Spec section at the top of the page.