Road and Dirt bike lifts and stands


Buy any of our motorbike hoists during our Midyear Stocktake Sale (if this notice is still here, the sale is still on), and you can choose ANY one of our accessories listed below (apart from the two hand scissor lift tables) to go out complimentary with your order.

We have motorbike lifts for all forms of riding :

  • MC10 – Compact size for dirt bikes short wheelbase road bikes – $390.
  • MC10A – Compact size, air assisted size for dirt bikes short wheelbase road bikes – $440.
  • MC20 - Medium size , best for medium sized road bikes such as cafe racers – $540.
  • MC25 - Medium size, 250mm longer table than MC20 – $560.
  • MC30 – Longest platform, best for Cruisers, removable section allowing rear wheel removing etc – $660.
  • MC40 – Widest platform, best for Quads, trikes etc – $990.
  • PS10 – Front paddock stand – $45.
  • PS20 – Rear paddock stand – $50.
  • CS10 – Centre stand dirt bike $60.
  • CS20 – Centre stand road bike $80.
  • MCWB10 – Motorcycle wheel balancer $80.
  • MCTC10 – Motorcycle bead breaker $130.
  • MCCLAMP10 – Motorcycle lift clamp $80.
  • MCHLD10 – Universal pulley holder $30.
  • HTL10 – Hand scissor lift table $590.
  • HTL20 – Hand scissor lift table $750.
  • MC10Ext – 250mm table extension MC10 $50.
  • MC20-25Ext – 250mm table extension M20-M25 $55.

Please note, there is a $20 warehouse fee on all orders, and if paying by credit card, we have to add 1.5% (it goes straight to the ANZ, not us).

When selecting your motorbike lift measure the wheelbase of your longest bike and add half of the front wheel diameter to this measurement.

The table length of the HAPP MC lift should be this length or longer. The MC10 , MC20 and MC25 have 250mm extensions for those who want compact lifts and wheelbase is close to the table length.

You can use side stands and tie downs to locate your bike on the lift.

Paddock stands are useful for locating road bikes on lifts, centre lift stands work well for lifting open frame bikes and dirt bikes.


Details of these items are presented below, all of our products are competitively priced and good quality.
Call Maree on 0439833497 to discuss details and pricing. You can inspect these items at our showroom in Ormeau prior to buying.