HAPP World Class Manufacturing Capability

Efficient projects delivered on-time and within budget require consistent quality production sources. HAPP production capability is of the highest standards through ensuring:

  • HAPP computer based structural analysis specification performed in Queensland are used directly in the automated factory
  • Use of Robots and computer numeric control (CNC) machines linked with our structural designs creates higher levels of consistent high quality than otherwise possible
  • All lifts are inspected in the factory by external on-site HAPP quality assurance engineers during production / assembly.
  • New models have detailed type testing against Australian Standards in the factory by HAPP engineers.


HAPP has a number of arrangements in place for manufacture of the 200+ products supplied. These factories all develop to HAPP design specifications agreed. In relation to the vehicle lifts, HAPP has arrangements with two production lines with advanced manufacturing techniques to meet HAPP design specifications.

HAPP’s advanced design technology design and test our products structuraly against Australian Standards. Our advanced Manufacturing factories cut, fold and weld with automated systems against our computer based designs and test per Australian Standards type tests.

Each of these components work together to reduce the tolerances in the components and improve consistency of production. We are confident that these products are at the highest quality level available in the automotive lift market.

The HAPP 2 post lifts, are manufactured in our partner factories using the latest CNC, robotics and powder coating systems. The HAPP P model factory was commissioned 18 months ago using automotive lift engineering teams from the best-in-class manufacturers in China and HAPP has been involved in this process since early after its inception.

Examples of the manufacturing facility components are presented in the following pages:

CNC controlled laser, water jet cutting, machining machines

A range of computer controlled milling and cutting machines are represented in our production lines.

Laser and water jet cutting of HAPP components

CNC controlled robot folding of automotive lift columns

Tight integration with HAPP computer generated column designs makes column folding exact. Then our integration with CNC machine and robot welding of carriage creates a precise fit of the carriage into the column.

Figure: Robot folding of HAPP columns

Robot folding of HAPP columns

Click on the attached link to see the automated folding in action.


Robot welding of columns, carriage and arms

With accurate CNC cutting of arms components the robots can accurately weld to the tight tolerance

Specified by HAPP to achieve minimum deflection and stress.

Robot welding of HAPP arms

Click on the attached link to see the automated folding in action.

Figure: Robot welding of HAPP arms https://happ.com.au/pub/vid/armwelding.mp4  
This video shows the HAPP robot arm welding in action

Welding of the column to the baseplate can be a tricky task, robots demand that parts are positioned correctly and then lay out a constant weld across the entire column.

Robot welding of HAPP columns
Click on this link to see a video of the robot welding of HAPP columns in action