HAPP80: 4T floor plate hoist, electronic control, 1900mm lift – Business approved – SAVE $300! SALE $3190


This is our latest hoist to easily pass Australian Standards compliance with full analytical testing – our Happ80 (this makes our 12th hoist to be approved). Customers have been waiting for this to happen for a while now, so they made it a priority and it can now, not only safely, but with WH&S approval, be put in to your business.
We are proud to announce that we are now the sole Australian trading company for these quality hoists for this large multi-national company. All our hoists are sold with a C.E. (European Certificate, meaning they have been tried, tested and passed). All internal welds are inspected by external quality assurance engineers before powder coating.

Apart from the additional massive height gain with the Happ 80, here are more predominant


  • Electric lock release
  • Full low voltage panel operation – 24V CE control box for safety.
  • Low pad arm design
  • HAPP Generation 2 3Pc arms – 580-1140mm
  • Min height of 92mm – great for lower chassis cars offering rubber door protection
  • Top limit switch to know when to stop
  • Dual Hydraulic cylinder drive, stable lifting and lowering
  • All steel balance cables for equalization, both carriages move synchronously
  • Covers for the posts to ensure a clean look.
  • Our new screw in and drop in pad design. The screw in pad allows for ease of adjustment and the drop in style allows you to add in spacers to reach those unusual contact points. It is also a multi levelled screw in pad, giving you more height, yet again if required.
  • 20mm Tru-bolt design anchor bolts
  • Dynamically tested with 125% of rated capacity and static test with 150% of rated capacity
  • Upgraded from CE certified (Europe and USA) with HAPP Aus Std designs.
  • Built to structural analysis and Australian Standards review in Queensland.
  • 5mm thick columns
  • 16mm thick base plate
  • HAPP Ultra strong Gen 2 carriage / arm locks
  • HAPP 2 stage Screw up drop in pad design
  • We have also included 2″ and 6″ spacers at no extra charge
  • Lastly, they also have a 15amp plug already attached, taking out the need to bring in an Electrician.

Many options available:

  • Extra stability; big base plates
  • Stabilizer bars
  • Low profile car ramps for very low cars
  • Oil drains for cleaner oil change operation
  • Super long Gen 2 2Pc arms – 890-1420mm
  • WH&S kit for business

Dimensions are informative only, do not pre drill anchor bolts based on drawing


  • Load Capacity – 4000kgs
  • Lifting Height – 1920mm
  • Overall Height – 2836mm
  • Width between pillars – 2832mm
  • Width at base plate – 3384mm
  • Drive through width – 2528mm
  • Min pad height 92mm
  • Rise/Drop time – 50s rise / 20s drop time
  • CE approved Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Power of motor – 2.2kw
  • Single point safety release
  • Fast Dual-cylinder lifting system
  • Chain-driven system
  • Cable and hydraulic load balancing
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Cable-equalization system
  • Plastic powder coat finish
  • Net Weight – 630kg
  • Packed Weight – 650kg
  • Packed measurements – 295cm x 74cm x 47cm

“Important: (BEWARE of inferior imports!) – our quality is superior to our competitors and we have the analytical proof to back it, making us the best hoist option when regarding Australian Standards.  Please do your research!”

EVERY HAPP car lift design is tested in Queensland by Australian Professional engineers against Australian Standards using state of the art technology!!!! The multi coloured pictures on our lift specs are snippets from the engineers report that PROVES that we are doing this. We are the leaders in quality, if you do not see this drawing on your product, it is NOT tested to Australian Standards.  Our catalogue shows this picture on EVERY CAR LIFT.   BEWARE: Registration with WH&S in states other than Queensland does NOT mean this testing has been done, it merely registers a design.  If the registration doesn’t have an AS prefix it is not to Australian Standards!  Further information on our home page.

CE certifications ARE NOT recognised in Australia, the CE designs FAILED the structural analysis tests held in Australia by professional engineers. HAPP hoists have been designed to ABOVE Australian Standards the designs are unique to HAPP. Do not believe those who tell you otherwise, we have been supplying workshops and working with professional engineers for many years. Our technical people are qualified engineers and fabricators and our customer service is second to none.  


SALE While stocks last or at our discretion – $3190!!

RRP $3490.00 gst inclusive + Pickup / Delivery (T’s & C’s below)
$200.00 WH&S kit
Please note, there is a $20 warehouse fee on all orders.

Pickup / Delivery

We offer competitive freight rates to all Australian states, or you are welcome to pick up yourself from our warehouse in Hemmant, or arrange your own freight (there is a $20 warehouse fee on all orders).  To obtain a FREIGHT quote, please contact us direct – Maree on 0439 833497, Jodie on 0452 114277 or email customerservice@happ.com.au for more information.

T’s & C’s

Please note, there is a $20 warehouse fee on all orders, and if paying by credit card, we have to add 1.7% (it goes straight to the ANZ, not us).

Should you have any BANKING questions,  please phone Maree on 0439 833 497, Jodie on 0452 114 277 or email customerservice@happ.com.au for more information.

* Parts warranty

We keep our prices down by reducing un-necessary overheads focusing on quality and service. In the rare occurrence of warranty problems, we offer a no fuss parts replacement warranty on our products.

ALL our hoists now come with a THREE YEAR structural warranty if purchased after July 1 2020 *** (please visit happ.com.au/warranty/ for exact clarification according to purchase time)

Some of our hoists are supplied with FREE ramps, spacers or drip & tool trays etc – please check our website for the model you are interested in or have purchased to clarify the inclusions.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact HAPP for additional details.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



If you have any TECHNICAL questions, please press the Contact Us button or phone Gavan on 0439 838477.

About HAPP

HAPP is a Company created by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. Car clubs asked us to change the game and we did. We take our job seriously and will only offer you the best products that we can source. We have sold hoists all across Australia. Our prices are the best, with quality and service assured.

Why buy from HAPP??

Check our customer reviews http://happ.com.au/blog/

* We are an Australian owned and operated company with a focus on the best possible quality for reasonable prices.

* We sell mainly by recommendation. To do this we  have personal and professional customer service;  we work with every customer to make sure they are happy with the products they purchase.

* Imported products are typically assembled overseas to keep the costs down. We  have a Qualified Mechanical engineer working for us in China and other engineering inspection companies engaged that inspect our products and partner companies’ quality processes. Inspections typically take place early in production including internal components which are reworked if not up to standard. Critical components are focused on to ensure key products are made correctly.

* We also use the best possible materials in our products. Our clear floor hoists have stainless steel hydraulic lines and our four post hoists have 12+mm solid steel cables tested in Australian NATA registered laboratories. Our synchronisation cables are solid steel and safety latches are billet steel.

* We apply the best designs from our business registered hoists into our home use hoists.  For example, all arms on the two post hoists have the 4T updates, and carriages have the bracing update specified by Australian Engineers for our business hoists.

* We offer an ever increasing range of workshop items allowing customers to source extra items at low cost, many of these items are half the cost of other suppliers – just ask us to email you our catalogue.

* Did you know we now stock items MADE NEARLY ENTIRELY WITH ROBOTICS, THE LASTEST TECHNOLOGY OF CNC MACHINING AND POWDER COATING, AND MADE BETTER BY OUR GEN 2 ASYMMETRICAL ARMS?  Check out one of our models with this new technology and design – https://happ.com.au/hoist_and_lift/happ60p-4t-clear-floor-asymmetical-gen-2-arms/

* Some hoists are erected in Ormeau for you to view before placing an order, please contact our friendly team for information.