ROAD AND DIRT BIKE LIFTS – 4 models – $740 to $1590

Our MC25, 30 and 35 are currently on back order if you would like to collect from Willow Vale – please call us to check on stock.

What is different on HAPP motorbike lifts. Australian designs based on owning road and dirt bikes and our knowledge of Australian Standards for automotive lifts, which are far superior to scooter designed lifts common on imports. These features are standard on all HAPP motorbike lifts MC20, MC25 and MC30, MC40 ( no U fittings on MC40)

  • RHS scissor frame provides superior stability and strength to the L shaped steel typically on other machines.
  • Adjustable wide front tie down points allowing bikes to be pulled down from front like a motorbike trailer
  • Custom built front clamp that holds front wheel better
  • Front wheel stopper can be removed or extended if needed (made from 1″ box)
  • 6 side tie down points (3 U fittings each side) that allow stabilizing bikes at any location on lift table
  • Lift table lengths are exact, there is no inclusion of ramp as part of quoted table length, if your bike contacts the road at a length less than table size your bike should fit our lift.
  • Loading ramp is easily detachable and narrower than table to help keeping feet on ground whilst loading
  • The ramps are tested with weights to 1.25 x stated weight as we do for lifts, this is not normal on bike lifts
  • Removable centre sections for easy wheel removal
  • Air and manual operation, removable foot pedal for operation.

We have motorbike lifts for all forms of riding :

    • MC20, 1800mm – Best for medium sized road bikes such as cafe racers – $740
    • MC25, 2000mm – Medium size, 250mm longer table than MC20 – $800
    • MC30, 2200mm – Large platform, best for Cruisers – $860
    • MC35, 2200mm – New Pro, perfect for bike shops, enthusiasts and those working on bikes constantly – $1590
    • MC40 – Widest platform, best for Quads, trikes, ride on lawn mowers etc – $1490

*Our new MC35 is 2200 x 750mm, 215kg, electric over hydraulic with remote control, Capacity 680kg, see the info on our buyhapp website –  these are currently at this price but could increase quite soon.  We are receiving a great response to these new lifts and appreciate photos and reviews from you in lieu of the awesome price 😉  Please use this link for your feedback review on Google – THANK YOU!

And accessories to go with your bike lift –

PS10 – Front paddock stand – $60.

  • PS20 – Rear paddock stand – $70.
  • CS10 – Centre stand dirt bike $60.
  • CS20 – Centre stand road bike $140.
  • MCWB10 – Motorcycle wheel balancer $80.
  • MCTC10 – Motorcycle bead breaker $130.
  • MCHLD10 – Universal pulley holder $30.
  • HTL10 – Hand scissor lift table $690.
  • HTL20 – Hand scissor lift table $690.


Please note, there is a $20 warehouse fee on all orders, and if paying by credit card, we have to add 1.7% (it goes straight to the ANZ, not us).

When selecting your motorbike lift measure the wheelbase of your longest bike and add half of the front wheel diameter to this measurement.

The table length of the HAPP MC lift should be this length or longer.

You can use side stands and tie downs to locate your bike on the lift.

Paddock stands are useful for locating road bikes on lifts, centre lift stands work well for lifting open frame bikes and dirt bikes.

Details of these items are presented below, all of our products are competitively priced and good quality.
Call Maree on 0439 833497, Jodie on 0452 114277, Karen on 0420 471 855 or email to discuss details and pricing. You can inspect these items at our showroom in Willow Vale prior to buying. If you like one, pay for it and take one home on the spot.