Rotisserie – 1.8T – $1250 – QUICK SALE

The HAPP ROT10 is a high capacity stable car rotisserie with all the features required to work on your project car.

We have built a car rotisserie years ago for our ford sierra project car and know that you cannot build one with this level of functionality for less.

The package has two box sections at each end to adapt to your vehicle which typically vary from bumper mounts to sub frame and custom frames on other sections. The pictures in this section show some of the options.

The rotisserie comes with large locking castor wheels, enabling you to move the car to storage and work positions as well as stabiliser legs that lock the machine in a stable work location. We also now sell the Gear Drive for $250 as an extra.

The rotisserie consists of two end sections and middle connection, which can be stored separately when not in use. You can extend the length to any length due to the three part design.

The rotisserie has 5 levels of adjustment which makes it easy to adapt to your vehicle and use:

  1. Extendable sub frame enabling vehicles of any length to be fitted
  2. Adjustable width box section mounts enabling you to align mounts with bumper mounts and subframe
  3. Screw operated lift with locking pins to centre the weight of vehicle on rotation axis enabling easy rotation of vehicle
  4. Rotating shaft with 12 locking locations operated manually or optionally with gear drive enabling you to rotate the vehicle to any angle to work on the vehicle

Take a look at the pictures to see the options advised.


  • Capacity : 1.8 t / 4000lb
  • Lift height : 1290 mm
  • Min height : 490 mm
  • Length : 4550 mm (you can add extra length if needed)
  • Nett weight : 204 kg
  • Gross weight : 244 kg
  • Package : Plywood box 1540 x 750 x 370 mm


Sam Eyres from Built not Bought uses his wherever he wants the cars stored inside.

This customer had the car on a hoist, reused the frame to connect to rotisserie.  (You can see the box of rotisserie in foreground.)

This customer advised: Hey Gavan… really happy with the rottisserie  … even more useful than i ever thought … cheers mate.

You can see the parts of the rotisserie mentioned. The red gear drive item is optional, you may need to drill mount holes to attach on your model.