Stabiliser Bar E4 – $430

The HAPP E4 stablizer bar provides extra front to back stability for HAPP hoists.

These are sold as a set of TWO.

HAPP hoist owners that have have foundations or vehicle sizes that would benefit from load spread over a longer area will want this item or one of the other stablization offers. The stabilizer bar will fit all HAPP hoist 2 post columns. The stablizer bar can be installed over an existing installation (assuming enought thread is exposed on the dyna bolt).

The E4 provides additional stability side to side and front to back with extra mounts that span all base plate mounts.

Additional side to side stability can be applied by users with the addition of extension arms to the design (using local welding shop)

The specifications of the E4 are:

Front to Rear length: 1200mm
Side to side anchor bolt extension: 360mm
Front to rear anchor bolt extension: 380mm
Box section size 50mm x 50mmx3mm
Numer of extra anchor bolts: 5
Support for HAPP 90 mobile hoist loxon fittings: yes
Coating: Powder coating.
Color: Black

$430.00 gst inclusive plus postage.  This can be freighted for free when purchased at the same time as one of our hoists.

You may also like to consider our large base plates – the ulitmate in hoist stablization. 750mmx750mmx16mm base plate.