Large Baseplates – $700

The large base plate is exactly that… A big base plate for HAPP hoists.

If you are concerned about the ability of your concrete to support a Happ hoist this accessory may be the answer. The plate measures a whopping 700 x 700mm extending the contact area of the hoist by almost 4 times spreading the load over this large area.

The big base plate can be installed into existing HAPP hoist installations that need to be upgraded.

The big base plate is held in position by 7 dyna-bolts and connects to the happ base plate using bolts that screw through the hoist base plate holes into matching threaded holes in the big base plate.

The big base plate has thickness of 16 mm which is more than adequate for all hoist applications.

Floor plate users will need to make minor modifications to floor plates to clear the big base plate and move the mount tabs up 16 mm to allow for the thickness of the big base plate. This is typically achieved by purchasing a length of 20mmx16mm flat bar and tack welding it to the base plate or fixing to the floor.  (When your purchase the length of flat bar get the supplier to cut to your  distance between base plates.) On the happ 30P/35P models you may need to add in pieces of the 16mm flat bar or some other 16mm flat material underneath C section cable and hose rack for extra support.

These base plates are made specifically for HAPP hoists, no other hoist manufacturer is supported.

The large base plate does not alleviate the need to balance the vehicle on the hoist.

$700.00 gst inclusive, and including the bolts required plus postage