R1 Car Ramps – $140

The HAPP R1 is designed for customers who have low ground clearance vehicles that need to raise the car slightly to get a jack or auto hoist arm underneath.

Ideal for sports, competition , show and racing cars owners.

Key features of the R1 are:

The gentle 8.5 degree slope allows cars with low front spoilers (bars) to edge the car onto the ramp, the wheel raises up to to its lift height and then drops slightly into its holding positon.
The dimensions shown in the diagram illustrate the precision calculations of this ramp that allow the car to move up and be held in the lift position.
The ramps are made from plastic moulds with honeycombe design to promote strength which allows the ramp to support up to 3T in capacity. The honeycombe design also allows the ramp to be fixed to flooring if required.
The plastic construction minimises the chance of damage to a vehicle should the ramp contact the vehicle.
The specfications of the R1 are:

Length : 700mm
Width: 200mm
Max lift height: 63mm
Ramp angle: 8.5 degrees
Length from ramp to hump: 460mm
Height at hump: 69mm
Height at end stop: 79mm
Construction: moulded plastic
Max weight 3000Kg

$140.00 gst inclusive plus postage.  This can be freighted for free when purchased at the same time as one of our hoists.

example of the R1 Car Ramps