HAPP95: 2 post free standing hoist, 1.75m lift, adjustable width





We are proud to announce that this unique hoist is now available to our customers.

* We are proud to announce that we are now the sole Australian trading company for these quality hoists for this large multi-national company.
* The HAPP 95 is like nothing else on the market. You are in control of what distance you have between your columns. A great idea for those that don’t have a ‘normal’ sized car, or if you have height restrictions with your ceiling.
* Automatic safety latch locking every 98mm in lift, checked by Australian professional engineers.
* No extension of cylinders beyond the top of column as lift raises. The column height is the maximum height ever taken with the lift.
* Carriage and arm designs checked by Australian professional registered engineers.
* Design is unique world wide to HAPP Australia.
* Don’t buy a cheap imitation – this hoist has our full size hoist features in a compact design,


  • Load Capacity – 3000kgs
  • Lifting Height – 1750mm – 1950mm using the spacers
  • Minimum Height – 110mm
  • Overall Height – 2400mm
  • Outside column – adjustable typically to 3400mm
  • Inside column – adjustable typically larger than 2400mm
  • Net Weight – 550 kgs
  • Rise/Drop time – 50s rise / 20s drop time
  • CE approved Hydraulic Power Pack
  • Motor Capacity – 240V
  • Power of motor – 2.2kw
  • Integrated hose mount for storage when not in use
  • Hydraulic cylinders in each column
  • Rachet safety latches in each column, safe working at each 150mm
  • Two point safety release

Optional items:

  • Large base floor plate for customers that require additional load bearing size
  • Stabilizer bars

HAPP hoists come standard with steel oil containers, Plastic containers as shown can be provided if so desired.
All HAPP hoists have ratchet safety latches in the columns, users only work with vehicles when the mechanical safety latches are engaged allowing safe work at any lift height. HAPP 95 lifting is controlled via a balance valve, balance valves can allow some variation on lift height from side to side as the vehicle lifts, on HAPP hoists the effect of this variation is minimised as once at the desired working height is reached the mechanical latches are engaged and overriding any lift variation.


$3590 gst inclusive + Pickup / Delivery (See below)
Please note, there is a $20 warehouse fee on all orders, and if paying by credit card, we have to add 1.7% (it goes straight to the ANZ, not us).

Pickup / Delivery

We offer competitive freight rates to all Australian states, or you are welcome to pick up yourself from our warehouse in Hemmant, or arrange your own freight. There is a $20 warehouse fee on all orders. Should you have any BANKING questions, or wish to obtain a FREIGHT quote, please phone Maree on 0439 833497, Jodie on 0452 114277 or email customerservice@happ.com.au for more information.

Why buy from HAPP??

* We are an Australian owned and operated company with a focus on the best possible quality for reasonable prices.

* We sell mainly by recommendation. To do this we  have personal and professional customer service;  we work with every customer to make sure they are happy with the products they purchase.

* Imported products are typically assembled overseas to keep the costs down. We  have a Qualified Mechanical engineer working for us in China and other engineering inspection companies engaged that inspect our products and partner companies’ quality processes. Inspections typically take place early in production including internal components which are reworked if not up to standard. Critical components are focused on to ensure key products are made correctly.

* We also use the best possible materials in our products. Our clear floor hoists have stainless steel hydraulic lines and our four post hoists have 12+mm solid steel cables tested in Australian NATA registered laboratories. Our synchronisation cables are solid steel and safety latches are billet steel.

* We apply the best designs from our business registered hoists into our home use hoists.  For example, all arms on the two post hoists have the 4T updates, and carriages have the bracing update specified by Australian Engineers for our business hoists.

* We offer an ever increasing range of workshop items allowing customers to source extra items at low cost, many of these items are half the cost of other suppliers – just ask us to email you our catalogue.

* This hoist is erected in Ormeau for you to view before placing an order.

Other HAPP Models

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  • Tyre changers and wheel balancers
  • Workshop equipment cranes, oil drains, presses, engine stands, transmission jacks…


If you have any TECHNICAL questions, please press the Contact Us button or phone Gavan on 0439 838477.

About HAPP

HAPP is a Company created by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts. Car clubs asked us to change the game and we did. We take our job seriously and will only offer you the best products that we can source. We have sold hoists all across Australia. Our prices are the best, with quality and service assured.

* Parts warranty

We keep our prices down by reducing un-necessary overheads focusing on quality and service. In the rare occurrence of warranty problems, we offer a no fuss parts replacement warranty on our products, being as follows -
***  5 year structural for lifts being columns, arms and carriages, where we provide replacement parts and the customer arranges part replacement.
***  1 year parts replacement warranty, where we provide replacement parts and the customer arranges part replacement, and
***  1 year motor replacement warranty, where we provide replacement parts and the customer arranges part replacement.  Clear instructions will be given to help you, or there are lift installers in all areas.