The following products are available at below cost. Customers have a chance to get a great deal on models to be changed and products with damage to packaging etc.  These prices are not current prices and may not be used for our normal stock being sent out of Hemmant.  They are also on a first in, first served basis and once we have sold out of the stock, the price can not be attached to our regular stock in Hemmant, as these products will be reduced due to poor packaging etc.

If you want to get one of these items they will be available via pickup from Willow Vale at a pre arranged time. Send an email to or stating the item you are interested in. Or feel free to call us on 0439 833 497.  Most of these are shown in our catalogue. Current catalogue link

Wheel balancer WB30 – SOLD
Wheel balancer WB10 – SOLD
Tyre changer TC30 (with centre pull and leverless operation and RAA)  – SOLD

Tyre changer top assist arm for TC10 – SOLD
Tyre changer side assist arm for TC20 – SOLD
Motorcycle adaptor for tyre changer – SOLD

2 Post car lift HAPP 30- SOLD
2 Post car lift 3inch adaptor – SOLD
2 Post car lift 6inch adaptor – SOLD

Motorcycle lift MC10 – demo model – SOLD
Motorcycle lift MC20 – demo model – SOLD
Motorcycle lift MC25 – demo model – SOLD
Motorcycle lift MC30 – demo model – SOLD
Motorcycle lift MC40 – demo model – SOLD

Motorcycle lift MC20 /25 table extension – SOLD

Motorcycle bead breaker tyre changer – SOLD
Motorcycle paddock stand front – SOLD
Motorcycle paddock stand rear – SOLD
Motorcycle flywheel holder – SOLD

T40 Transmission jack- SOLD
T30 Transmission jack CLAW – SOLD

10 Tonne hydraulic shop press with gauge – SOLD
12 Tonne hydraulic shop press – SOLD

1 Tonne engine crane – SOLD