Design / Tech Talk and pics from SEMA / Customers

Here at HAPP we are dedicated to quality and supporting the car and bike community folks that like us love their machines.
In this section we will be showing you an insight to technical details we consider in designing our hoists and equally as important pictures of the cool things we see when researching products and receiving feedback from our customers.

We are constructing this part of the HAPP site currently, stay in touch with site as we populate information in each section. You will see the bullet items change to links to pages with the details of each item as they are done.

Design and Technical talk

If you don’t have data then its just and opinion. We engage world class engineers in our design decisions. In a market where most people just want to trade on price we strive for quality products at reasonable prices. To achieve this we have raised the bar on design, HAPP technical designs are worked on by bachelors degree and pHd level engineers here in Australia with designs checked by our engineers overseas. Our commitment to quality is second to none, that does not come for free we pay for that.

    • What is structural analysis, why is it required in hoist design
    • The differences between CE and Australian Standards
    • The truth about Australian Design registration
    • Modification of width and height of a HAPP hoist
    • How do single and dual pt safety latches work
    • Why is a a secondary latch on the 4 post lifts required


Many of our overseas pics are rather boring, however the SEMA ones are worthy of publishing for all to see, that way you get to see SEMA without the cost. If you want to ask about SEMA please contact Gavan. We have classified them to make viewing a little easier.

  • SEMA 2017
    • General
    • Custom
    • Race
    • Off – Road
    • Street
  • Customers
We only have pics organised by HAPP ID currently, help us to get your pics organised by the details above so you and others can find similar cars and interests. If you have ideas on more classifications please send them to Gavan. As we get our pictures ready we will be posting for you to see.
    • HAPP  10
    • HAPP 25
    • HAPP 27
    • HAPP 30
    • HAPP 35
    • HAPP 40
    • HAPP 60
    • HAPP 70
    • HAPP 80
    • HAPP 90
    • HAPP 95


If you have a HAPP product and have more pictures to share please send the to Maree so we can share them with others (does not have to show the HAPP product).

Your details will NOT be shared publicly, if some one sees your pics and wants to contact you they will submit a request and only if you approve will they be able to contact you.

We will need your details on the HAPP products you have , the make and model of your car(s) and where you are located as well as you contact details.